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Capt. Ron O'Brien Shrimp Nets

Call Ron at 386-416-7900

Make sure you tell him ShrimpNFishFlorida™ sent you and he will treat you right!

Capt. Ron O'Brien Shrimp Nets sell his custom net at the Oak Hill Flea Market

Capt. Ron sells 10 ft dip nets, collapsible frame nets, replacement nets for hoops and box, and is the inventor of the fence which can be added to all new sock replacements for free!

Pricing below...

Here are his prices; ( Tell him your seen it on ShrimpNFishFlorida™ and he might give you a discount )…

Dip net sock [6 to 7 ft] 3/8 mesh for $20 [you sew it on, $5 if you want him to do it], he will replace net and add fence, and sew it for you for $25

Frame Net Sock - 14 foot, $70 ( you install it), for $20 more and 1 hour of waiting, he will sew it on

Collapsible Frame Net - $100 complete with lead weight, frame net and styrofoam marker ball, ready to deploy nothing else to buy

HD Collapsible Frame Net - $125 complete with lead weight, frame net and styrofoam marker ball, ready to deploy nothing else to buy. Made of high density mono… heavier grade. Mesh sizes vary,and will custom make for you any size you wish. Call and discuss mesh sizes with Ron.

New 10 Ft handle Dip Net with Sock: $50 and $60 if you want the fence

Two Piece Bolt [2 sections, total 18-20 ft] Dip Net - $75.00, free fence, top section 1 inch aluminum and bottom section "1 and 1/4" thick

Repairs: If net is new, he will repair otherwise if the net is dry rotted it is a waste of time. Repairs are negotiated.

Note: Capt Ron is not really one to spend time on the Internet, and he is not much for cell phones. He loves folks to call him on his home phone. In these pictures is Capt Ron next to his CFN [collapsible frame net]. Your best bet to catch him is to call him at his Deltona home at 386-416-7900.

He is an old fashion craftsman that is a people type person, and he is not into email etc. Pick up the phone and call him, and let him know we sent ya.

he will be at Oak Hill Flea market every Sunday from 7:30am to 1:00pm, if you come early he can work on your net there. If you need replacements nets call him and schedule your repair on site...he does get busy and his books up quickly at the flea market. He also has been known to sell out of product at the market.

To make sure your trip goes off without a hitch, call Capt Ron in advance so he has product and or time scheduled for your needs.

Photos of Capt. Ron O'Brien selling his Shrimp Nets at the Oak Hill Flea Market