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Fishing for Giant Red Snapper out of Daytona, Ponce inlet Florida

Daytona, Ponce inlet Florida is one of the best places in Florida to Fish for Giant Red Snapper. 20, 30, 40, plus lbs in size.

BOTTOM Fishing for Giant Red Snapper on the the Reefs out of Daytona, Ponce inlet Florida…

There are plenty of species of fish on the reefs and ledges out of Daytona, Ponce inlet, areas like the Party grounds, East Eleven, Ten Fathoms, 16 Fathoms, 27 Fathoms,  The Mound, Steeples, Turtle Mound, Half North, Inside Eleven, East Ridge, Mango Hole, Long John, Red Snapper Sink, and Plenty of Artificial reefs that hold some nice fish… But I like the natural Reefs better… Especially the deeper ones, which hold the larges Red Snappers…

Yep this is me showing of a Giant Red Snapper… Caught out of Ponce Inlet Florida…

When fishing for Giant Red Snapper, it is best to catch live bait fish using is using sabiki rigs over a reef, putting the live bait fish into your live well and then heading out to some deeper reefs for some action.


Once over the reef look for a ledge holding some bait fish then look for the Red Snapper suspended off the bottom about 20 ft up… Don’t worry your fish finder will pick up on there large bladders..

When you locate the Red Snappers, rig your pole, with 7 ft of 80 lb monofilament leader and a circle hook (which is regulation) hook your live bait through the back side of the top dorsal fin. use a sinker with just enough weight to get your bait to the bottom, drop your live bait down, and once it hits the bottom, reel it up off of the bottom to the suspended Red Snappers level… Usually 20 ft up off of the bottom… Your bait fish will start swimming in circles and the Red Snapper won't be able to resist, than hold on tight, and reel the Red Snappers up Slowly, and enjoy the moment, once at the boat using a large offshore net, netting the Red Snapper onto the boat…  

There are a couple of good offshore maps you can use, my Favorite map is posted on our clubs forum…

If you would like to learn more on how and where to fish for Giant Red Snapper, you owe it to yourself to check out our free ShrimpNFishFlorida™’s online forum.

Check out my Giant Red Snapper fishing Video


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